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Moto Music Monday: Shane’s list

Starting today, we at Motorcycle Closeouts decided to start sharing our favorite tunes to ride to.  

Moto Music Mondays!

It seems that some of us are just as opinionated about our tastes in music as we are our tastes in motorcycles so we decided that it’d be fun to not only share our playlists with our friends but to also allow you to listen to them!  More on that later.

First up on the list is Shane, our retail store and parts/accessories guy.  He was asked to share a list of tracks for the MX3 and it was a little more diverse than I was expecting from a guy who normally complains if the in-store music contains less than 7 guitars throwing down power chords all at once.

Check the vid for his reasoning behind a few of his picks.

If you’re wanting to see the full playlist or listen to it, check it out on ShareMyPlaylists.com.  If you have Spotify, you can listen to Shane’s list.  Be warned: besides the decidedly vulgar nature of some of lyrics and the sheer number of guitars, the list may not be suitable for those who subscribe to the Disney Channel or list Glee in their TV top-5.  

Also, be wary that listening to music while riding isn’t for everyone: check your local laws before donning ear buds on your ride.