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Fast Gear Fast: The Motorcycle Closeouts blog

Motorcycle Closeouts is North America's 1rst destination for new motorcycle clothing and safety apparel at beyond cheap prices!

The Fast Gear Fast blog is a matrix of all the info we share across the social-sphere. We strive to bring you the best deals for your bike and the best of everything else about bikes as well!


Moto Music Monday: Brett’s List

Given that you can learn about a man by his choices in steak and motorcycles, we figured we’d give you some insight into the folks of Motorcycle Closeouts by sharing their music playlists.

For this edition of Moto Music Monday, we travel down a beat-heavy, lyrically laced alleway of grime, sweat and finely vintaged bootay as we talk with warehouse maestro Brett P about his music playlist.

Check out Brett’s list on ShareMyPlaylists to see the rest or to have a listen!